The Incarnation? That's genius!

Posted by Patrice Tuohy
Saturday 18, September 2010 | Category:  

Martin Sheen, the star, and Emilio Estevez,
the director, of "The Way," set in Spain
along the Camino de Santiago.

In an interview with Salon columnist Andrew O"Hehir, Martin Sheen talks about his faith, the importance of community, and his new film "The Way": "I am a practicing Catholic. I love the faith.  . . . The belief that God became human -- that's genius, man. And that God would choose to dwell where we would least likely look, inside ourselves and each other. The genius of God in our humanity, I love that.  . . . That's the fundamental belief in all true believers, that God is present, God suffers and is broken with us. That's why the Catholics never removed the corpse from the cross. Our hero is a convicted criminal. He was tried and convicted in a kangaroo court and then he was murdered. That's God. We're embraced by that. The most fundamental, most basic, most sincere beliefs -- that's not religion. It's spirituality. It's transcendence. People are looking for transcendence now more than ever, I think. Sometimes our transcendence becomes drugs, alcohol, money, power, sex, and they're so shallow. It's we ourselves, we must surrender ourselves to our brokenness. That's the beginning of community, and that's what this film is all about."

Note: See yesterday's blog post for more information about the film.

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