Prayer in Modern Times

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In a recent Huffington Post article, Jeffrey Small examines the use of prayer today.

Many of us use prayer as a form of wanting or seeking something from God. According to Small, it is not that our intentions of prayer are wrong, instead, we need to tweak our approach to prayer, to help deepen our relationship with God on a different level.

I think Small certainly offers a unique and interesting perspective. He writes about how it is especially important in today's day and age to use prayer in a way that transforms us into better people, while enhancing our relationship with others and with God.

Small states, "A popular conception of prayer is that if we have faith in God, pray diligently and if the cause we are praying for is a righteous one (like the health of another person), then God will intervene in a supernatural way to make our wish come true. Many people can site examples where their prayers "have been answered" in such a miraculous way. But why do many other equally deserving prayers go unanswered?" Small seeks to explain why this is the case. According to Small, we are approaching the idea of prayer in a wrong way, especially today. He finds that there are five ways to deepen our prayer routine that allows us to be fully immersed in God's love for us.

Small writes, "Instead of seeing prayer as a method of asking God for something we want (even if that something is good), maybe we can use prayer as a way of opening up ourselves to God. Prayer can become a means of connecting us with the divine ground that is the essence of existence."

Check out the article to see Small's five ideas to become better at prayer in the modern sense. 

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