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I read an interesting blog today on Huffington Post about different ways and places to pray. The author Rick Hamlin finds the best time to mediate is riding the NYC subway. His routine is to read a Psalm or passage from the bible and use his time traveling to work to reflect and mediate on this prayer.  

What a great perspective on prayer especially when so often we forget to pray. This weekend at Mass the priest asked the congregation how often they prayed. Many youngsters raised their hands to tell the priest that they usually do not pray. The priest reminded them that a simple prayer of "Thank you" or "I am blest" can go a long way.

Hamlin stated that after he mediates his whole day is better. He has a better spirit and attitude on approaching the world each day. What an idea! To think that a 15-minute subway ride reflecting on a prayer can change a person's whole outlook and inspire him to live better each day.

Even if our prayers are simple they acknowledge that someone outside ourselves (namely God) deserves our thanks, praise, and petitions for the sake of others in need. Another interesting thing about prayer is that it does not have to be done in a church or before meals. You can pray anywhere and in any way you want. That is what is so unique and inspiring.

Taking time to pray is something that we all can work on. Perhaps we will treat others better and be aware of how blest we are. What are some ways we can incorporate prayer into our daily lives? Where are some of the places you pray? These are questions to think about when you pray.  Let us know some great ways and places you pray.  

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