A Lenten Journey

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We can look upon Lent as a journey. Think about the journeys we take-long journeys that can take days, even weeks to complete. Throughout this journey we experience ups and downs. We don't really expect them to go smoothly but we prepare for those things and deal with them when they come up.

A new movie, called The Way, is a movie about a journey in search of self, understanding and reconciliation. The Way, written and directed by Emilio Estevez and starring his father, Martin Sheen takes us on a journey with characters that we come to care about and relate to. 

The story goes that Tom (Sheen) is a California doctor whose son, Daniel (Estevez), dies in an accident while beginning a 500-mile pilgrimage to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela along the northern coast of Spain. When Tom arrives to claim Daniel's body, he decides to carry Daniel's ashes on to Santiago to complete Daniel's pilgrimage. Along the way, the pilgrimage becomes uniquely his own.

One of the lessons he learns along the way is that we must each walk the journey for ourselves, but we can't do it without others. Along the way he meets up with a diverse group of individuals and they each begin to ask each other, "What makes a real pilgrim?" As they ask this question they begin to unburden themselves of old baggage and barriers. In the end, each arrives at a healing truth about himself or herself and a love for each other.

Sheen, says of the pilgrim experience, "As we go along, we begin to shed some of the excess weight that we're carrying exteriorly, and then something interesting happens: transcendence-the journey inside." What a great message for Lent as we are taking our journeys towards spiritual renewal.

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