100 Days of Peace to prepare for the 2012 Olympics

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Are you prepared for the beginning of the 100 Days of Peace which begins tonight at 11 pm?

A follow up to an earlier blog I wrote, today throughout the world and particularly in London, marks the start of the 100 daylong celebration to promote peace. The 100 days of peace was started as a way to prayerfully prepare for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London this summer.

The goal is to create a culture of respect and dignity among different cultures during the games and for the continued development of international art, culture, and music throughout the world.

In an effort to showcase global cooperation and respect, everyone throughout the world can participate in these 100 days of peace. The goal is to make sure that the 2012 London games will hosted in an atmosphere of peace to allow those participating and watching safety and security.

To join in the 100 days of peace you can offer intentions and prayers each and every day. You can pray for the athletes, spectators, and those representing each country, that they remain safe and unharmed throughout the entirety of the games. To read more about the 100 days of peace check out the website
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