Pope Francis among 34 popes from religious communities

Posted by Patrice Tuohy
Wednesday 13, March 2013 | Category:   Vocation and Discernment,Clergy

In being a member of a religious order and the first Jesuit elected pope, Pope Francis joins 33 other pontiffs who came from religious communities: Here is the list, thanks to a Wikipedia entry on popes:

  • Benedictines (17):-
    • Gregory I, Boniface IV, Adeodatus II, Leo IV, John IX, Leo VII, Stephen IX, Gregory VII, Victor III, Urban II, Paschal II, Gelasius II, Celestine V, Clement VI, Urban V, Pius VII
  • and including Camaldolese (1):-
    • Gregory XVI
  • Augustinians (6):-
    • Eugene IV
  • and including Canons Regular (5):-
    • Honorius II, Innocent II, Lucius II, Gregory VIII, Adrian IV
  • Dominicans (4):-
    • Innocent V, Benedict XI, Pius V, Benedict XIII
  • Franciscans (4):-
    • Nicholas IV, Sixtus IV
  • and including Conventual Franciscans (2):-
    • Sixtus V, Clement XIV
  • Cistercians (2):-
    • Eugene III, Benedict XII
  • Jesuits (1):-
    • Francis I

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