What will you eat this Fat Tuesday?

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Tuesday 04, March 2014 | Category:  
Here are a few articles that help remind us what Fat Tuesday a.k.a Shrove Tuesday is all about as we prepare to fast, repent, and pray during this upcoming season of Lent.

From the UK Edition of the International Business Times: Pancake Day 2014: What is it and Where Did it Come From? (features pancakes and packzi's).

The L.A. Times give us: Mardi Gras: Celebrate with king cake and 16 additional recipes!

And finally from Patheos-Hosting the Conversation on Faith's article on Ash Wednesday from the point of view of an evangelical American Christian: What is Ash Wednesday? How Do We Observe Ash Wednesday? Why Should We Observe Ash Wednesday? How Ash Wednesday Enriches Our Lives and Our Relationship with God.

So...what will you eat?

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