S.J. Fr. "selfie" from famous Titanic photographer

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Tuesday 24, June 2014 | Category:   Clergy
        FATHER FRANCIS Browne, S.J. took photographs from 1897 until his death in 1960.

's question, "Did the Irish priest on board the Titanic take a “selfie”?" sparked my interest into the life and photographic work of Jesuit priest Father Francis Browne, S.J. According to the report, Father Eddie O'Donnell found a tin trunk containing 42,000 negatives of the life's work of Father Browne. This "selfie" of Father Browne is the cover of O'Donnell's latest work: “The Life and Lens of Father Browne.”

The Jesuits of the Wisconsin Province had a blog post, "Get off that ship!", that includes what I found to be the most amazing part of Browne's story: Upon arriving in Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland from Southampton aboard the Titanic, Browne received a small envelope that contained an importantant directive from the Jesuit provincial: "GET OFF THAT SHIP!" That message saved Browne's life, according to the Jesuits, "and set him on the course to becoming a master photographer."

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