Spanish nun promotes Catalan independence

Posted by Katie Loftus
Wednesday 12, November 2014 | Category:   Clergy
Sr. Teresa Forcades promotes Catalan independence.

The Catalan region of Spain is moving toward voting on independence, and Sr. Teresa Forcades has been active in the political discourse surrounding the issue. She is an intellectual, doctor, political activist, but most importantly, a nun, saying, "That’s clearly my primary identity, because that gives me the sense of belonging, the sense of stability."

Over the past few years, Forcades has become one of the leading intellectuals in Europe, commenting on everything from independence to feminism to capitalism, while also working in the medical field, but her views have not been without controversy. Many believe that she is too outspoken on certain issues, but this has not stopped Forcades from sharing her opinions, and as the vote on independence nears, she has been a key activist for Catalan independence.

On Sunday, voters will decide two issues: Catalan statehood and whether that state should be independent from Spain. Forcades says she will vote yes to both and challenges the government’s opposition to the referendum, saying, “It’s an attempt to prevent the people of Catalonia from expressing themselves and I think it’s a fear of ascertaining that in Catalonia today a majority wants independence."

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