Priest rides to advocate for victims of climate change

Posted by Katie Loftus
Sunday 14, December 2014 | Category:   Clergy
Super-typhoons caused by climate change have devastated many areas of the Philippines.

Father Amado Picardal will ride his bike from Manila to Mindanao in the Philippines to raise awareness about climate change and its victims. Recently, super-typhoons have devastated many areas of the country, forcing citizens to rebuild.

Picardal wants to draw attention to the problem and will be advocating for change while biking through sites where the typhoons hit.

On his blog, he writes, “This covers approximately 1,800 km which I am doing in two weeks. I will be doing this alone most of the time, but along the way, there will be some local cyclists in major cities who will accompany me for a few hours. I will be staying overnight in parishes and will concelebrate in the Aguinaldo masses and preach.”

Picardal has done advocacy rides before, when he was younger, but the recent changes in climate inspired him to ride once more.

“The super-typhoons that have hit our country every year and other calamities such as floods and droughts have spurred me to ride my bike across the country once again. I am aware that these are not 'acts of God' or mere natural occurrences. These are manifestations of climate change.”

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