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Ten things to know about discerning a vocation

🕔14:28, 19. Jun 2013

For the complete article, go to Discerning can be one of the hardest tasks someone undertakes in life. The following are 10 pieces of wisdom that, although they do not constitute a formula for discernment, they do help get you from point A to point B. -Vocation comes from the Latin word, vocare, "to call." It is a calling from God, who made us, loves us, and has a plan for us. -Vocation is not only something given to us, it is also something we freely give to God and others. -We have the freedom to marry, or enter religious life or remain single. On the one hand God really does call us to vocations. On the other God respects our freedom and does not abandon us. -A key insight shared by many saints is that spiritual growth begins in self-knowledge. -To better know God's will for our lives and follow it is imperative that we first come to know Jesus Christ and begin to model our lives after his. -There are many different vocations in the church. Finding our vocation, then, is like finding our instrument in the symphony. It is our unique way of "playing" God's love in the world. -No one can discern a vocation alone. One's friends, ministers, family members, and fellow parishioners can be helpful sources of support and insight to see things in us that we don't readily perceive. -If we knew exactly what God wanted or what would make us most happy, there would be no risk, no cost, and, in effect, no love. -Whatever we have done or whoever we have been in the past, God can still use us. -There comes a time in the process of exploring who we are and what we want to do with our lives that we must take a risk and try something. God rewards our efforts, and God can do much more with a mistake than with inertia. For the complete article or other articles on prayer and discernment, go to

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